I want to be a Degen Artist Web3 King. Hand drawn art by Daniel Raines. Only on OpenSea and only hand drawn art. I’m an artist/photographer with some previous experience but I took a break for years and decide to create art again. I’m looking to do this as a hobby for an extra buck. All NFTs will be created by me, I may do videos of me creating art on my YouTube and FB, Raines Arts. All my NFTs will come will shared IP rights. You can use it as your profile pic, put it on a t-shirt, use it as your logo, etc. I will put an effort into creating my art, but I don’t want to spend too much time on each. I will be creating NFTs when I feel like it as I have other things I’m doing. I do all the work for this NFT project.

My education art background is 4 years of high school art classes and college art classes – principles of design and figure painting, passed both.